SpRinG INspired... End of the Thread Antique Emporium, Brighton, Ontario

SpRinG INspired...

...to help you get your gardening ideas on!

Remember the European baby bathtubs from last year?

We have them again!  However our supplier is having a harder time finding them in Europe as it's apparently become a big thing with Pottery Barn (I guess we do have a good eye!)

Most of them are still in storage awaiting the season.  They work perfectly for an entranceway garden or an herb garden for a balcony. 

Until ours see the light of day...and the season ACTUALLY arrives...allow this pic to inspire you-  I know it makes my heart sing!  Love it!  

When ours arrive don't delay...they don't last long!

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"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet. Come and connect at The End of the Thread..."