Making the Old NEW again

Tucked into the quaintness of Northumberland County and on the doorstep of Prince Edward County you will find our ever-changing shop of eclectic goods: antiques, vintage finds, repurposed industrial pieces paired with new home décor and kitschy giftware- oh and it wouldn’t be complete without an espresso bar, lunch counter, ice cream parlor & patio all rolled into one.  Connect the dots . . . or “the thread”- - - and you’ll find yourself tangled in a sensory web of deliciousness! 

Whether you are heading East from Toronto or West from Montreal/Ottawa area, the End of the Thread in Brighton is your Exit #509 stop to refuel!  Rejuvenate your senses with a quality coffee and lunch before continuing on your journey…no matter what you decide to do next.


End of the Thread storefront


End of the Thread storefront